Steps You Can Take To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Steps You Can Take To Help Your Dog Lose Weight

Letting your dog get obese can dramatically shorten its life. Dogs that are overweight are more likely to get a serious degenerative disease like diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. Do you really want that on your conscience? It is up to you to ensure your dog is healthy – and that means feeding it right, walking it, and keeping it active. An overweight dog is even more likely to develop arthritis. If you don’t want your dog to develop diseases in old age, you need to make sure it doesn’t get overweight or obese.

#1. Reduce Kibble Consumption

A dog that eats too much and doesn’t exercise enough is going to become overweight. Too much caloric intake plus too little exercise can lead to an overweight doggie. Your dog probably needs less food than you think.

It’s interesting that feeding guidelines on dog food packs often overestimate portion size, so think about cutting back and using a measuring cup to give it a precise portion at every meal. You might also need to change what you feed your dog. You should be giving it a good mix of unadulterated protein, healthy fat, vegetables, fruits, and nutritional supplements. If you feed it kibble, make sure it’s grain-free and one of the top health food brands. Paying a little more is worth it if it keeps your dog thin and keeps diseases at bay. You’re going to pay a lot more in vet bills if your dog gets sick because it got overweight.

A lot of commercial dog foods are chock full of fillers that increase calories without nutrition, which packs on the pounds. Consider switching to a top health food brand so your dog can get maximum energy and nutrition without a whole lot of empty calories.

#2. Reward Your Dog With Fun, Not Food

If you already feed your dog a high quality diet and a healthy brand of dog food, and you’re giving it the right portion size at each meal, then you might be giving it too many extra treats. If you reward your dog with treats, re-think that. Think about rewarding it with a game of fetch, playtime, or a belly rub. If you must give it a treat, then break a single treat into small pieces. It’s alright to use treats when you’re training your dog, but too many after that is a bad idea.

#3. Ensure Consistency

Weight gain doesn’t happen overnight, and neither does weight loss. You’ve got to give it time and be patient. Dogs with extreme obesity will need a little time, patience, and consistency to reverse course and get them thin again. You’ve got to be consistent with a new diet, lifestyle, and exercise regimen for your dog.

If your dog is fat and lazy, don’t lose hope! You can help it lose weight and stay fit for life. You just might save its life by doing so.