Ways to Prevent Diabetes in Dogs

Ways to Prevent Diabetes in Dogs

There is a growing diabetes epidemic in this country, and it is not limited to people – diabetes is a growing problem in the canine community. What can you do to ensure your pooch is protected from this terrible disease? Scientific researchers estimate that 1:10 dogs will develop diabetes. While the odds might seem unlikely that your pooch could get diabetes, it’s still wise to take precautionary steps to ensure that they don’t.

Diabetes usually occurs in dogs that are seven to nine years old. It’s rare to see it in dogs younger than that.

Females are a higher risk because of their regular reproductive hormone changes. Some breeds are more prone to developing diabetes than others. For example, Miniature Pinschers, Poodles, Beagles, Miniature Schnauzers, Cairn Terriers, and Keeshonds are at a greater risk. Their genetic makeup makes them more likely to get the disease.

The incidence of diabetes in dogs is about 10%. The sad fact is that it is slowly getting worse over time, just like it is with the human population.

With a little preventive maintenance on your part, you can keep this terrible metabolic disease at bay.

It’s impossible to prevent all cases of diabetes. However, a lot of exercise and nutritious whole food can help prevent the onset of adult diabetes of dogs.

It’s interesting to note that the incidence of cancer in cats and dogs has risen from 5% to 55%. It’s clear that dietary and environmental changes have played a large part. Chemical additives might have something to do with it, too.

It’s imperative you don’t feed it processed food and choose a great grain-free dog food designed to prevent chronic degenerative disease.

Your pet is a lot more likely to develop diabetes because of lifestyle. A lifestyle can lead to decreased insulin production or the inability of the body to utilize it very well.

Obesity is probably the main reason dogs become diabetic. A healthy, active lifestyle is a good antidote. If you can’t get your dog the needed playtime and walking he needs, then you probably shouldn’t own a pet because that is an absolute requirement. Not only is it cruel to an animal, it can lead to a serious degenerative disease.

You can keep your pooch stay thin by feeding him an appropriate diet of unaltered protein, healthy fat, vegetables, and fruit, along with nutritional supplements in moderation. Make sure the dog food you give it is grain-free and not low quality.

Another lifestyle-related reason a dog develops diabetes is because of a lack of physical activity.

Your dog must have regular aerobic exercise to help keep up a healthy weight and keep their muscles toned and in shape. Your dog ought to be getting 20-40 minutes of aerobic exercise several times a week.

You have a lot of responsibility in ensuring your dog stays free of diabetes. You need to work hard to keep it healthy. That entails dietary, lifestyle, and exercise upkeep.